Citations By Peer Researchers & H-index

The number of citations to my publications are as follows:
• According to Scopus, 58 were captured: 35 journal articles and 23 conference papers. My work has been cited around 300 times in 200 papers.
• According to Google Scholar, h-index is 11, i10-index is 13, and is cited in over 440 papers.
In total, cited in over 600 papers from both Scopus and Google Scholar.
Additionally, other research engines such as “Research Gate” (RG) indicates that my publications have around 4,000 “reads”. This includes over 100 reads of a paper that was recently published in Curriculum Journal, 1-17, February 2018, titled “A Call for Curriculum Reform to Combat Refugees Crisis: The Case of Lebanon,” based on the work I did as Minister of Education and Higher Education; as well as 310 citations, many of which do not appear as captured citations in Google Scholar. My RG score is over 23.6 (around 80th percentile of RG members which includes most MSFEA faculty).