Laboratory Supervision & Coordinator

Preparation and supervision of the following 1-credit laboratory courses at the Department of ECE, FEA, AUB:

  • Electronics Laboratory (1987-1989).
  • Microprocessor Systems Laboratory (1990-2002).

Coordinator for the final year projects for a period of 11 years of the final-year Electrical Engineering (EE) and Computer and Communications Engineering (CCE) students (1985-1996), and the supervision of 42 final-year undergraduate projects and 13 Masters Theses in the ECE Department (1985-2004). Proposed new rules and regulations for the evaluation of final-year projects and implemented during 1992-1998.

Coordinator for a period of two years for the EECE 321 (Microprocessor Systems) and EECE 421 (Computer Organization) courses during Fall 2002-2003 Term until Spring 2003-2004.