Major Volunteering Experience

Board Member, Lebanese Omani Business Council

I have been serving on the Board since November 2015. The Lebanese Omani Business Council aims at promoting Lebanese Omani business cooperation at all levels.

The Sultanate of Oman, one of the most progressive countries in the Middle East, has achieved remarkable growth in all sectors of economy in the last few years and is well on its course for continued growth. Muscat has actively pursued a development plan that focuses on diversification, industrialization, and privatization.

Member of the Board of Trustees, Social Welfare Institutions

I have been serving on the Board of Trustees of the Social Welfare Institutions (SWI) since February 2011. SWI established in 1917 is a Lebanese NGO which provides diversified specialized services in over 54 institutions and programs spread over the five Lebanese governorates. SWI includes 1,000 employees and cater for the needs of the vulnerable population including orphans, children with special needs, school drop outs, elderly, and empowering less fortunate women. SWI embrace over 13,000 beneficiaries from new born to the elderly. http://www.

Chairman, IT Committee of the Board of Trustees, SWI

I have been serving on the IT Committee since January 2014. The Committee reports to the SWI Board of Trustees and its mandate is to lead the automation efforts for SWI systems and processes which will involve a new IT organizational chart, new cloud-based IT systems, etc.

Member, Financial & Administrative Committee of the Board of Trustees, SWI

I have been serving on this Committee since March 2016. The Committee reports to the SWI Board of Trustees and its mandate is to addressing financial challenges and lead reorganization efforts for SWI overall organizational hierarchy

Founder & President, RTF Charity NGO

The Rifca Taji Foundation (RTF) was established in June 2014. RTF is a charity NGO aimed at promoting social justice, quality of life and education within Lebanon through effective policy advocating, provision of educational opportunities and overall improvement of individual wellbeing. RTF is a charity NGO established for the purpose of improving the education and quality of life of disadvantaged women, children, and the elderly of Lebanon. The three RTF (http://www.rtf- pillars include raising awareness and promoting: (1) Education, (2) Women empowerment, and (3) Community service.

Member, Board of Advisors, Al-Quds Academy For scientific Research

I have been serving on the Board since September 2017. Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research (QASR) is a non-profit organization ( registered under the Jordanian Ministry of Industry and Trade as a partnership between the Munib Masri Development Foundation, the University of Jordan and the University of Jerusalem. The academy was proposed by the Munib Masri Development Foundation in response to the perceived need for the development of scientific research and education in the Arab world, particularly Palestine and Jordan. The initial aim was to raise the quality of education in the schools and universities of Jordan and Palestine, and has since shifted towards providing the necessary research project support for the innovative scholars and researchers. The main message of Al-Quds Academy for Scientific Research lies in the creation of appropriate conditions, infrastructure, and mechanisms to foster scientific research. The academy aims to build scientific and technological capabilities, promote basic and applied scientific research, and transfer knowledge to all the concerned parties in academia and scientific research.

Board Member of the GHCF_ICDO Global Assembly Council

The GLOBAL HOUMARD & CO. FOUNDATION (GHCF) provides focused and qualified support customized for the missions of civil defence, citizens’ protection and disaster and humanitarian aid. GHCF is an international private non-profit foundation established upon the official order from the International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO), ICDSCA SA whose mission is to protect population, property and the environment.  The departments of the Foundation among others involve global innovations, ethical principles, education and also cooperate with governments in different countries. The Foundation represents a highly cosmopolitan community and is based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Also, Director of the Global Research & Development Affairs Department, as well as member of the following councils: (1) GHCF Advisory Council, (2) GHCF Foreign Affairs & Networking Council, (3) GHCF Innovation & Technology Council, (4) GHCF Humanitarian & Economic Council, and (5) GHCF Education & Training Council.

SNHU Advisory Board Member for GEM

The Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) Global Education Movement (GEM) work with local partners to offer bachelor degrees and pathways to quality employment at no cost to refugees bringing to them hope. Serving nearly 1,000 students, GEM laid the groundwork in Kenya, South Africa, Malawi, and Lebanon, continued to grow two sites in Rwanda, and launched an assessment center in Kigali.