Teaching evaluation

A sample of the Faculty Appraisal (FA) results (out of 5) provided by students for the courses I have been regularly teaching are shown in the following table. All FA results are handled by the Office of Institutional Research & Assessment at the American University of Beirut.




FA score

/ 5


Advanced Computer Architecture


Spring 2003



Computer Systems Analysis


Spring 2004



Computer Graphics


Fall 1995



Microprocessor Systems


Summer 2003



Some of the comments made by students that took the above-mentioned courses include:

  • EECE 611C (Spring 2004): “The instructor enhanced my learning by encouraging research which is considered a major issue in the academic process.”
  • “It has been a pleasure for me to take this course with such a good and competent teacher”
  • “Dr. Diab is a very good professor. … He encourages students to think.”
  • “The course is very interesting and the teacher is doing a perfect job.”
  • ELEG797: “The course was very helpful & contributed a lot to my research skills.”
  • “Well organized, knowledgeable and he has a pleasant attitude towards students, …”
  • “Good professor, talks fluently, and explains material well. The exams are very fair in content & grading.”
  • “Dr. Diab is one of the best professors we have had so far. He shows a great deal of experience and expert in his domain.”
  • “The instructor is very knowledgeable about the subject and can answer all questions with confidence.”
  • “This is one of the few courses I was happy to take in AUB. I being a computer enthusiast and willing to improve my already increasing knowledge enjoyed this course extremely.”
  • Ways in which the instructor enhanced my learning in the course: “Available during office hours,” “Explained well in class,” “By relating material to everyday life,” “Increased my interest in the material,” “Well prepared for the course,” “Encouraging us to look things up for ourselves,” “Freedom to choose the project “.
  • Ways in which the instructor enhanced my learning in the course: “External speakers,” “Activities,” “Visits to CAMS,” “Design problems.”
  • Ways in which the instructor enhanced my learning in the course: “Professor Diab is by far the best professor to teach me until now. He gives great advice and presents the material very clearly.”